About Us

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Established by a consortium of seasoned professionals, Maa Bhoomi Properties is dedicated to amalgamating
international standards and quality in the real estate sector. The promoters aim to infuse their expertise in customer
satisfaction and unwavering ethics into the industry.

Our goal is to provide customers with a luxurious lifestyle, allowing them to bask in the embrace of nature’s warmth.
We understand, educate, and embody the art of successful living. Our dynamic team, comprised of professionals and innovators,
strives to exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Our philosophy is straightforward — assembling efficient, sharp,
and brilliant minds to form a team that believes in the boundless possibilities.

Despite being a nascent company, we acknowledge that there’s a journey ahead. However, our robust foundations and
unwavering determination position us for future success.



Chairman & Managing Director

I have the vision and commitment to outperform peer groups through innovation and quality and by offering customer-oriented products at the most competitive prices with timely delivered. Our company is poised to grow and reach the pinnacle of the heady climb up the real estate industry ladder by deploying talent from both within AP & TS to continually improve our business processes. We are constantly striving to transform and enhance the fortunes of our Customers and Buyers. It shall be my utmost effort and undertaking to make ACKH a better place both for the employees at work and our customers, and ensure that everyone associated with us continues to reap rich dividends.


Our objective is to facilitate access for individuals to strategic investments in the expanding regions of Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana (TS). This empowers them to reap the benefits, whether it’s from the natural growth of land in developing areas or the upsurge in residential or commercial property hotspots in AP & TS.



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Integrity: All our actions are guided by what is principled, fair, and right. Trusting in profit with respect, we are committed to good administration and the highest moral standards.

Excellence: We reject mediocrity and strive for excellence in even the smallest of details,

Customer Orientation: Our goal is to please our customers. Thus, all activities and programs we undertake result in state-of-the-art projects and in the enhancement of productivity and quality.